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9 juin 2016

On Blonde Magazine

Fashion in Tunisia: How new generations revolutionized the world of Fashion.

So this was an article written by Joanna Légid about Fashion Week Tunis and the various people she met and appreciated. I actually had a girl crush on Joanna. With her beautiful skin and contagious smile, she was the only other girl in a casual and adventitious outfit during that brunch at Baboucha in Lac I.


Her article is written in German and I wouldn’t be able to translate, I used google translation myself, but may be i’ll come up with a translation soon 🙂 If there in any german speakers among you do not hesitate 🙂

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The article spoke about Tunisian digital influencers( Jess, Rym, Hend and Ness), designers (Seyf Dean and Salah Barka), FFDesigner, the label I love a lot, LYOUM, and of course me, as Vita Luna Spirit, since I am featuring this article in my blog today. Such an honor, such a pleasure and such a lovely lady I met I hope I will meet again in this lifetime!

 Link of the article ===> HERE ∴


Blonde Magazine _ Vita Luna Spirit (1)





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