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18 juillet 2018

Boiler Room x Ballantines Representatives Interview

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1/ Tom and Steven ! Hello guys ! Welcome to Vita Luna Spirit !

First of all, congratulations for your great work. I know that you started from the beginning, steven tom and blaise and I fin dit amazing ! How did you do it ? From 2010 until now, most people would have fought, get upset, into drugs.. (they laugh)

What is the secret to make an event such like Boiler Room this successful and keep moving forward ?

What is important is to have a framework of what we want the partnership to be. So we had a general direction and we wanted to travel towards it. And we kept it flexible withing this partnership and this direction to experiment and try new stuff. Because today True Music looks and feels different than when we started which is about Stay True. It moved from going into new countries and shining spotlights on local music scenes to us now facilitating collaborations and bringing artists together to make new music. So we want to keep it fresh so that we don’t get bored of each other as well.

2/ What’s your intke on electro music scene in MENA region ? How difficult was it to implement suck a structure in here ?

Tom : I think it is We have been in Egypt but this is our first put together project in MENA region. Honestly, it have been fun ! Nothing but love and support and it is super interesting to be in a place for some time and meet people and talk to them and find out what is going on and it is really a pleasure.

Steven : It hasn’t been difficult. And everybody we have met before in other places, like artists producers or photographers.. Everyone has been telling us that is amazing here and that we have to come and check it out ! And all we are about is to create platforms where millions of people around the world can see what is going on in this amazing community. This is only my second day in this country and through Boiler Room have helped book amazing local artists and I can promise you tomorrow is going to be lit ! I’m here as much as a profefessional as an attendee and I can’t wait !

3/ How do you keep the business running and keep the concept relevant despite how big it’s getting ? (Asked by Ahmed Loubiri)

People talk about Boiler Room as a cool company when it growed and people are also asking aren’t you worried that when you grow you will not be cool anymore ? I never liked the word « cool ». Because « cool » is often a shortword for « small » and we never wanted to be small. We wanted to be the biggest world platform for alternative music. So i twas important to us to grow and make great big partners as Ballantines to be grateful to go to new countries and showcase the music scene. We always wanted to be big and didn’t necessarily wanted to be cool, we wanted to showcase good alternative music.

The second thing is, we make sure that we’re showcasing wahtever was the latest thing. I think a lot of companies age with their audience. If they have been around for seven years, their audiance will grow old with them. We make a point on constantly getting whatever is the freshest new sound and sounds and subcultures so we’re constantly tapping into young audiences.

Third and finally, it is just about experimenting with new formats. It used to be about 100% of what we did was live online broadcasts of gigs and performances. Now, we shoot documentaries and we do social video content, we produce merchandises we run festivals. We do all kind of stuff to get artists to release new music that we get out. A lot of this has to do with Ballantines ! For the first time ever, we shot documentaries because we realised that just doing live performances was not sufficient enough to tell the story of a local country.

4/ Last question before we go off, what about a Boiler Room in Tunisia ?

Well,, how is the scene in Tunisia ? (they ask)

Well you have to come and discover for yourself, it is starting to grow and we have young promising talents !



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