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18 juillet 2018

Boiler Room x Ballantines Interview Zeid Hamdan


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1/ how would you describe the music scene in Beirut right now.. Is it moving the way and in the direction you would want them to? What are the main obstacles you encounter as a musician/producer?


Hello sabrina: I have to be really honest with you ; with the music I do_live arabic electronic pop_ I feel quite lonely, although there’s an abundance of electro DJs and producers due to our big club scene, we’re a few bands in Beirut performing live and writing in arabic. My favorites are Tanjaret Daghet, Khansa, Ingrid Bawab who is about to release an album. There was also a band called Awham but i think they split. You find a profusion of english bands and singer songwriters/performers but in my particular case I’ve mostly been attracted to artists who push the boundaries of arabic expression in music which is quite delicate and those, i find too rare .

2/ We know art is also a way to express your commitment to your country and your opinions on political and social issues that matter to you? Why is that? What triggered you first to commit to this reality? What are the things you re most passionate about regarding this matter?


Being an artist living in a politically super instable environment i find it weird to totally ignore it in my art.

So everytime i wrote songs i would infuse some of the background something that would give you an idea what is happening but not directly, obviously.

So you could understand from a simple love song that there is war in the background you could understand in a simple phrase that there are conflict or things that are making the situation difficult or complicated.


So this was the indirect way for me to express the social and political background so it is suggested, it is not very obvious in my writing.

And in may’s songs also she tackles social issues that are related to her environement in Egypt in a very subtil way but it is full of poetry.

And there is not a goal behind this it is just spontaneous you know, I need to express the things i found weird in my environment, the same way you as tunisians would totalyy ignore the revolution the time it was happening and write songs about nature. I am sure any artist that live through a complicated time, it would influence his expressions and it always have been the same way for me.

I love to write about love stories, about impossible, complicated or love stories that carry in it the context and the background.


3/ I know you have been to Tunisia one time, I missed you though! How was the experience? How did you find the music scene? Did you meet any Tunisian fans? Do you consider coming back?

I’ve been to tunisia several times, I performed four or five times always through Akacia Production, Cherifa Jaaibi, she told me she knows you 🙂

I’m super curious about the tunisian music scene. I met already Badiaa Bouhrizi and I really loved her. Then recently I met Ghoula and she is also super interesting.

Tunisia is super important for me as it is a bridge between west and eastern culture so I follow the scene closely through Badiaa she always updates me with what’s happening.

What amazes me most in the Tunisian scene is the girls. They are amazingly beautiful and powerful. I’ve often met women with responsabilites with huge charisma and I find this very inspiring for the arab region.

I love the fact that Tunisia has so many women entrepreneurs  and this is a big source of inspiration. I’ve always worked with girls and female vocalists and artists because I really want to invest time in women empowerment in the Middle East. So on that aspect I really admire the Tunisian Scene.

Yes I enjoyed performing very much in Tunisia. I always had the great enthusiasm from the fans because of my project Soaps Kills that is quite popular in Tunisia. So yeah, I had really a great time in Tunisia and I am hoping to come back this summer through Yuka.




Amazing Soul and Amazing Music 🙂 Thank you Boiler Room and Ballantines for the opportunity!

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